We specialise in interactive books, magazines, catalogues and more.


Who we are and what we do.

What Is Digital Publishing? What Is Digital Publishing?

Digital publishing is fast becoming the norm when considering the path to choose when launching and distributing your next title or publication.

What We Do What We Do

Branches is a full-service agency solution for digital publishing, offering the creative development of interactive books, magazines, catalogues and more.

Who We Are Who We Are

Branches is an offshoot of The Nest – a Sydney-based team that specialises in creative projects for web, mobile and social media.

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21 June

Taking stock – on digital publishing and the future of magazines

Branches Founder Stuart Buchanan gives us an introduction to digital publishing and tells us why the future is still very bright for magazine publishers.

7 June

“The nicest thing I have ever done on an iPad” – Cuttings Reviewed

“Reading Cuttings is the nicest thing I have ever done on an iPad. Designed purely for tablet publication, it truly manifests this new literary form … this will be the reason even the most staunch of us crack and buy iPads” – a passionate review of Cuttings from The Thousands today. And they are also ...

2 May

Branches at Sydney Writers Festival

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Branches Founder Stuart Buchanan, will be appearing on a panel at this year’s Sydney Writers Festival, titled Reading in the E-Future, looking at the ways in which technology is changing the way we read.